Osteopaths of Stow can help with prevention or treatment whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or an elite professional for sporting injuries such as:

  • Low back pain, with or without sciatica
  • Muscle spasms
  • Hip and knee pain, including lack of mobility and degenerative conditions
  • Minor injuries to shoulders, elbows or wrists
  • Reduced joint flexibility, e.g. suffered by golfers who can’t rotate as well as they used to
  • Mechanical limitations
  • Tennis and golfer’s elbow
  • Tendonitis, sprains and strains

We can care for a wide range of individuals from athletes preparing for events such as marathons, through to those using sport as part of their weekly fitness regime who need help overcoming difficulties and injuries alike. In all cases injuries can affect your ability to enjoy your sport as well as affect your livelihood.

Treatment can help correct a problem and also help you with stretching exercises to help develop muscles and avoid future joint injuries.

Osteopaths are increasingly being asked to treat sports injuries by sportsmen and women. An osteopath has unique skills and a detailed knowledge of how the body works and this can benefit many types of athlete.

Serious injuries would of course be referred for immediate investigation to eliminate bony or irreparable ligamentous damage